Chapter 2: A Walk And A Revelation

The next day was dull. We spent most our day indoors. Jenga was the game of the day and it was a lot of fun to play it with Gramps. Grandma made sure that we had the energy we needed. With her in the kitchen, nourishment in the form of food made it’s way into our stomachs.

“Gramps… Can I ask you a question?” I asked

“Sure Matt! What’s on your mind?” replied Gramps

“I was wondering….” I said trailing off as I watched Grandma bring out a set of hot chocolate cookies.

“Yes?” asked Gramps

“Well Grandma cooks so well and so much… How come you are not fat?” I asked

Gramps erupted in laughter. His chuckles could be heard bouncing off the walls of the house. He laughed so much that everyone came running to see what happened. Wiping tears from his eyes, my grandfather repeated what I had asked him. I couldn’t understand what he found so funny. It was innocent question after all. Mom and Dad joined the laughter.

“Thanks for the compliment!” said Grandma as she bent down to kiss me. I was baffled. What had I said that was so funny? It was only later that Gramps explained to me. Grandma was a strict dietitian. She kept track of everyone’s diet. Everything changed when we kids were around. Otherwise poor Gramps was stuck eating salads and fruits! That didn’t sound like fun at all!

After putting away our Jenga, Gramps suggested going out for a stroll. My mom warned us to take umbrellas. Nodding my grandfather picked out his long stout umbrella from the night stand. I had my smaller one with me. It was given to me as a gift from my uncle.

The roads were slushy from the rain. Catching hold of Gramps’ hand, we strolled down the streets. My house was a long way off from the city. In fact it was close to a thick forested area. A road ran through the forest. It was one of those big highways. It connected the city with other cities. Gramps loved to take a path just off the highway. It wound it’s way into the forest and was a very pleasant walk. Gramps loved the peace and quiet that engulfed him as he strolled along.

This time however he had a talkative grandson at his side. Somehow I don’t think he minded. I filled him on what I had learned about football and how my Dad allowed me to watch the football games with him. He gamely joined in on the conversation. I never knew that Gramps was such a big fan of football till that date. He even told me that he had a 49ers jersey. It had been given to him as a gift from his grandfather. The jersey belonged to the legendary Joe Perry. I was so excited when I heard it. I asked him whether he had brought it with him and he said yes. My Dad had told him that I had become a fan of the 49ers and he had decided to bring it along just to show it to me.

I couldn’t wait to get home. I wanted to see the sweater so badly! Imagine… The very same sweater that Joe Perry wore!



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