Chapter 1: The Grandparents Visit

The sky may have looked gloomy all day but I was excited. So excited that I could not sleep. I’m Matt by the way. I’m ten years old and I live with my parents in a really cozy house.

I could hear the wind howling outside. The temperature had really dropped. My dad said that the weather forecast had predicted rain. I hoped that they were wrong. My grandparents were on their way. They were due to arrive the next morning. That was enough to get me excited. Better still… I did not have to share them with any of my cousins. They were going to be with me for two whole weeks. I couldn’t wait.

I really can’t remember how I fell of to sleep. I can however tell you how I got up. Sunlight filtered in through my window and fell on my face. Blinking, I tried to recollect my thoughts. That’s when the smell of freshly made pancakes tickled my nose. Grandma’s special pancakes! That got me up and out of bed. Without even bothering to run a comb through my hair, I bounded down the stairs and flung myself into my grandmother’s waiting arms. I heard a chuckle behind me.

“Don’t I get a hug?” asked a familiar voice. I wasted no time in throwing my arms round my grandfather’s neck. He was sitting in the easy chair and that placed him at the perfect height for my assualt.

“I missed you!” said Grandma. She walked over and ruffled my hair.

“I missed you too!” I replied.

“Why don’t you go and brush your teeth? We can have breakfast together then.” said Gramps as he set me down on the floor. I really didn’t want to leave them for even a minute but the pancakes looked delicious. I knew I wasn’t going to get a bite unless I washed up. I dashed back upstairs and shouted a quick ‘Good morning’ to my parents as I bolted past them on the stairs. It wasn’t long before I was seated at the table with a huge helping of pancakes on my platter.

“Mother! He will fall sick that way!” said my mother as my grandmother drenched my pancakes in a generous helping of maple syrup.

“You don’t worry about that. It’s a grandmother’s privilege to spoil her grandchildren rotten!” said Grandma smiling. Who was I to complain. I gorged myself on the pancakes. Oh… My cousins were going to be so jealous when I told them! We loved our grandparents and the only thing we ever fought about was for their time.
My Mom didn’t say anything after that. I saw my Dad nudging her and telling her to let it be. Dad turned around and winked at me. It was really cool. With breakfast done, I dragged Gramps upstairs. I wanted to show him my room. I had discovered a new passion. Football! It had all started after I watched a game in which the 49ers were playing in. My Dad was watching Television and I joined him. That’s when the fascination started. After that day I never let my Dad rest. Poor guy! Every holiday was spent teaching me football. I think that he kind of enjoys it!

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