Chapter 4: A Sensational Rescue

It didn’t take long for me to explain what had happened. The officer was extremely nice but when he heard my story he sprang into action. Grabbing his phone he made a few calls. I heard him rasping out instructions to someone. He later told me that he had made a call for an ambulance and some back up.

With help on the way, the officer asked me if I would be able to lead the way. I nodded. I knew the way. My grandfather and I had used the path many times over. That was the reason why I did not get lost. I caught the officer’s hand. He had a very strong grip compared to my grandfather.

The rain did not let up. We made our way through the forest. The path was full of water. It was flowing like a small stream. I was worried. I did not know how Gramps would fare. He would be hip deep in water if he was still sitting where I left him. I voiced out my fears and the officer looked as worried as I felt. He doubled the pace at which he was walking. I started gasping as I struggled to keep up. I wasn’t about to complain. My grandfather was more important to me than anything else in the world.

The officer gave a shout when he spotted my grandfather. I ran up to him and called out to him but he did not respond.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked worried

“I think he is just sleeping.” replied the officer. He touched Gramps neck and looked worried. That’s when his phone rang. Picking up the call he barked off some more orders. A few minutes passed by. The officer removed his jacket and covered Gramps with it. By then I was really scared. Tears rolled down my face. I pretended that it was just the rain. A number of medics came rushing down the path. They had a makeshift stretcher with them. They hoisted Gramps onto it and took him away quickly.

“Where are they taking Gramps?” I asked

“They are just taking him to the hospital.” said the officer reassuringly

“But I want to go with him.” I said upset

“Yes! I will take you there. Let them do their job! Your Gramps will be fine.” the officer replied.

We made our way back down the path. The officer took me home first. He insisted that I get a warm bath and a change of clothes before I went to the hospital. In the meanwhile he updated my parents and grandmother about what had happened. Though I initially didn’t want to have a bath, the hot water felt soothing against my skin. I changed quickly and rushed down. Grandma had prepared hot chocolate for the officer and me. It felt good.

My parents had already rushed to the hospital. It took a lot of convincing but at last I agreed to stay behind. My grandmother needed someone to look after her. I saw the logic in that. I stayed back to ensure that she was safe.

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